Project Homecoming

Project Homecoming is a faith-based community development organization building resilient neighborhoods in the greater New Orleans area.  We are committed to facilitating a culture of care in targeting communities through: safe, durable, affordable and environmentally sensitive construction; community driven partnerships; service and fellowship.

Our Community:  Project Homecoming has worked across New Orleans rebuilding homes.  Project Homecoming’s Homeownership Program is building homes in Gentilly, a diverse middle-class neighborhood compromised of many smaller communities.  Project Homecoming’s first homes are being constructed in Mirabeau Gardens.  We're also selling historic homes in the 9th Ward; in the Holy Cross neighborhood and the St Claude neighborhood. All of these homes will be energy efficient and storm resistant, much like our new construction homes in Gentilly. Additionally, they will be restored to their historic value.


Kelly Sharkey, Homeownership Coordinator



Number of Homes Available: 2

Number of Homes Under Construction: 8

Sizes Available:  


4 bedroom / 2 bathroom (1,600 SF duplex / 800 SF per unit), 1429 Desire St - $155,000*

3 bedroom / 2 bathroom (1,640 SF), 5629 Royal St - $162,000*

3 bedroom / 2 bathroom (1,600 SF), 4324 Wellington Ave - $175,000

3 bedroom / 2 bathroom (1,560 SF), 4767 Overton Dr. - $186,000

3 bedroom / 2 bathroom (2 story), 1608 Mirabeau Ave - $220,000

2 bedroom / 1 bathroom (1,475 SF), 5639 Dauphine St - $170,000*

2 bedroom / 2 bathroom (1,425 SF), 1433 France St - $130,000*

2 bedroom / 1 bathroom (1,150 SF), 6013 Burgundy St - $137,000*

*Historic Renovation

Prices: Homes are priced from $130,000 to $220,000.


Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply for the City of New Orleans Soft Second Mortgage Program which provides resources to help make homeownership more affordable.  Project Homecoming also provides subsidies up to $20,000 based on household need.

Income Restrictions:  

Up to 120% AMI

Counseling Agency Partner:  

 Neighborhood Development Foundation (NDF)

Home features:

Granite countertops, impact resistant windows, porches, and on-site parking, wind resistant shingles, and more.  Additionally, with the stage that we are in the building process, we would be able to work with you on personalizing the house, like exterior paint colors, granite colors, and more. 

Green features: 

All homes will have solar panels as well as a tankless hot water heater, all ENERGY STAR appliances (washer, dryer, dishwasher, range oven, refrigerator, etc.), bamboo floors, spray foam insulation in the attic. We are a non-profit organization so with the grant that we received to build these home, we are required to build at a high energy-efficiency level.